We want to hear the opinions of the British public on a variety of different regional, national and continent-wide decisions that affect each and every one of us in our day-to-day lives. This can range across any subject, such as business, politics, sports and more. With this in mind. we have set up this section to hold regular polls on a variety of topics, ranging from business, politics, the economy and more. So keep checking back and stay up-to-date on Twitter, where we will be posting regular updates on how each vote is progressing.

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Poll: Should MPs Have The Power To Vote For Their Own Wage Rises? | June 2016

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In July 2015, the standard salary of a UK MP rose from £67,060 to £74,000. This 10% pay rise was approved despite Downing Street and a succession of MPs saying it was “not appropriate”. Then in February 2016, it rose again by £962 (1.3%) despite MPs voting for public sector pay rises to be capped at 1% until 2019.

With two payrises in the last 12 months, should the MP wage bill be allowed to keep increasing? And should this decision be placed in the hands of the very MPs who it benefits the most?

Should MPs Have The Power To Vote For Their Own Wage Rises?

  • No (61%)
  • Yes (39%)
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Poll: Would Brexit Benefit Or Cripple The UK Economy? | May 2016

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With the EU referendum less than 2 months away, campaigns for leaving, and campaigns for staying with the EU are ramping up their efforts. Many factors will be affecting people’s decision on June 23rd, but would opting for “Brexit” damage the UK’s economy?

Earlier this year, YEN ran a poll to gauge the general consensus of the people of Yorkshire. The results were close, split 41%, 38% and 21% between staying, leaving and being undecided respectively. These views were from several months ago before the referendum date was announced, has your opinion changed now?

Would Brexit Benefit Or Cripple The UK Economy?

  • Stronger Out - The UK economy would be stronger if we left (55%)
  • Stronger In - We need to stay with the EU to move forward (45%)
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Poll: Should The Government Renationalise The Railways? | April 2016

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From 1948 to 1997, British Rail was solely responsible for the state railways of Britain, transforming a collection of exhausted, post-war steam operators into the modern network we know today. Then, between 1994 and 1997, British Rail was privatised, as track and infrastructure passed to Railtrack in 1994 and, later, passenger services were franchised in 25 blocks to private-sector operators. Freight services were sold outright. Overall, ownership and operation of the network became highly fragmented, as operations were split between more than 100 companies.

With annual ticket price increases, especially in the South of England, is it time for the government to step in and retake control of the rail system to better manage development and prices?

Should The Government Renationalise The Railways?

  • Give It Back To The People - Renationalisation would benefit the public (59%)
  • Can't Trust 'Em - Private companies will run the rail system better than any government body (41%)
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Poll: Who Should Be Responsible For Aiding Residents And Businesses After Flood Damage? | March 2016

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Earlier this year, the UK was hit by a series of continual and unrelenting storms that flooded many parts of the country. Even regions that aren’t normally affected by flooding, such as Yorkshire. Storms Desmond and Eva devastated over 15,000 UK homes alone and David Cameron resorted to calling in members of the armed forces to help distribute sandbags to the local residents and businesses.

With many insurance companies refusing to offer flooding insurance, or pricing it so unreasonably high no one can afford cover, questions have been asked over who should be accountable for helping to get families back to their homes and businesses running again after severe flooding.

Who should be responsible for aiding residents and businesses after flood damage?

  • Funds should be sent from Central Government (52%)
  • Local Councils should pay the cost (33%)
  • It's the responsibility of the individual/company (15%)
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Poll: Should The Living Wage Also Apply To Under 25s? | February 2016

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The new UK Living Wage was one of the most talked about points of George Osborne’s 2015 summer budget. It’s set to take effect in April of this year at £7.20 per hour, but is promised to rise to £9 per hour by the end of the decade. However, this substantial rise in the Living Wage only apply to people aged over 25. Cabinet Office minister Matthew Hancock said that workers under 25 don’t deserve the new living wage because they are “not as productive” as older workers, do you agree with his assessment?

Should The Living Wage Also Apply To Under 25s?

  • Yes, every UK worker deserves the Living Wage (41%)
  • Yes, but it should only extend to people over 21 (38%)
  • No, the Living Wage should only apply to over 25s (21%)
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Poll: Should The UK Stay With, Or Leave The EU? | January 2016

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With the EU referendum promised to take place by the end of 2017, should the UK take this opportunity to leave the European Union, or should we fight to stay?

Should The UK Stay With, Or Leave The EU?

  • Remain United - Britain would benefit from staying in Europe (46%)
  • Head for the Brexit - We should leave the EU, we'll be better without them (37%)
  • Undecided - I'll make my mind up closer to the referendum (17%)
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