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Corporate Partner - Aspire

Aspire is an offshore information technology (IT) service provider from Jordan. We help the clients in pursuit of high performance to optimize their costs and effectively deploy resources, while supporting flexibility and capability for growth. Started in the year 2002, Aspire has grown from its 4 resources providing one line of service, to 425+ professionals providing 12 lines of service for the clients. The suite of services provided encompasses all phases of SDLC for web and mobile applications, Content Management, Customer Support, Remote Network Support and Data Analysis.

We value quality as the purpose and pursuit of our business excellence. We believe that our ‘real’ deliverables are the ‘intangible’ ones – objectivity, process customization, meticulousness – which translate as tangible values for the client – dollar saved and quality built leading to user delight. This partnership-in-purpose with our clients is what defines us.

Aspire helps the clients in pursuit of high performance to optimize their costs and effectively deploy resources, while supporting flexibility and capability for growth. Our full array of services help you to focus more effectively on strategy and core business activities, while improving efficiency on support activities. Our offerings include application testing as well as comprehensive application development, including enhancements and upgrades. We also conduct technical research to build capacity, optimize client applications and maximize the RoI on client projects.

Phone: + 962 6 516 3046

Commercial People

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Corporate Partner - Commercial People

Commercial People was established as a worldwide search portal to provide comprehensive access to Commercial and Residential properties to buy and rent worldwide. Our aim is to be the largest global Commercial and Residential property search portal. This portal is where all Commercial and Residential property seekers will find their properties to buy or rent.

Commercial People is technologically more advanced than many of our Competitors and aims to be the most efficient and recognised site in the world whether you are searching for a property in an emerging country in Asia or the United States. We aim to be the Advertising choice for all Professional Property Agents, Property Developers, Property Funds and Institutional Property Investors.

We will be the Portal of choice for Buyers looking to buy or rent whether in their own country or whether they are looking to Invest or rent Property abroad and this means we will connect Property Investors and Agents from all over the world.

Phone: 0208 594 8220

Galaxy Data

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Corporate Partner - Galaxy Data

All our senior consultants are proven industry leaders in the UK and internationally. Our focus will be on improving your business by understanding key factors and recommending appropriate solutions that will be relevant for your circumstances, rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that may be common amongst generic consulting practices.

Galaxy Data is a subsidiary of NMC Galaxy, a strategic consultancy focusing on a range of niche and specialist areas. NMC Galaxy only partners with nationally and internationally recognised partners, whether personnel or product solutions. Although our primary clients are larger retail and FS organisations, we are able to provide tangible benefits to firms of any scale providing they have the ambition to work us.

Galaxy Data can offer:

• Client Set up and Encryption
• Consumer and Business Suppression Processing
• PAF (Postcode Address File) Enhance
• Business, Mobile and Non Listed Telephone Numbers
• Overseas Telephone Numbers
• Residency Confirmation
• CCJ/IVA/Bankruptcy Flagging
• Credit Profiling
• Full and Automated Traces
• Employment Report
• Consumer Data – Name, Address, Telephone
• Consumer Profiles
• Business Data – Name, Address, Telephone
• And much more

Phone: 01274 214688

Malik House Business Centres

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Corporate Partner - Malik House

Looking for high quality serviced office space in West Yorkshire? Are you a start up that needs a virtual office with a prestigious address? Is your company expanding? Do you have a short term project that requires meeting room or conference facilities? Whatever your challenge, Malik House Business Centres can help.

Our first business centre opened in 2010 on Manor Row in Bradford after a period of extensive renovation and careful restoration. The vision was to develop the area’s magnificent buildings which had been neglected over the years, and to transform them into business centres that could offer high quality serviced offices, meeting rooms and conferencing facilities equipped with the latest technology – whilst still retaining all original features and charm.

Since 2010, we have expanded to acquire two larger business centres in Bradford and Leeds. The second Bradford business centre ‘Oakwood Court’ on City Road, opened in 2013. The former mill building offers over 28,000 sq ft of serviced office space, large-scale hot-desking area, meeting rooms and on-site parking. A couple of months after the opening of the second business centre, we acquired Crown House Business Centre in Leeds. The former Crown Paints head office building offers 35,000 sq. ft. of space including serviced offices, meeting rooms and onsite car parking. This landmark building is situated in a prominent position, close to the Inner Ring Road and Leeds city centre.

The Malik House team have already upgraded many aspects of the infrastructure of the building including telecoms, security, biometric entry, creating additional parking facilities and a Biomass boiler to improve energy efficiency. We are delighted with the progress we have made over the past few years and are keen to maintain the current rate of expansion for the foreseeable future and to create opportunities for enterprise expansion in Yorkshire.

Phone: 01274 303900


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Corporate Partner - RedSky

At RedSky we provide business support to SME business owners and directors who are serious about growing and developing their business. The RedSky team are highly professional specialists, each with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience in their area of expertise. We work with a range of businesses, from start-ups, which want to move their ideas from paper into practice to established companies wishing to evolve, or move to the next level of growth.

RedSky business advisors offer full business support finance for you and your business through strategic business planning, financial planning, business grants and marketing support.

We can help you with:

• Business Support – raising funding through a variety of channels
• Business Grant Schemes – tap in to funding available to grow your business in Yorkshire and the North East
• Business Development – supporting your business with marketing, sales, operations and growth planning
• Personnel Development – creating the right team to drive your business forward.

Phone: 01765 650126


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Corporate Partner - UKFast

UKFast is one of the UK’s leading hosting and colocation providers, supplying dedicated server hosting, critical application hosting, and cloud hosting solutions. We fully-own, manage and operate our carbon- and carrier-neutral data centre complex, which offers over 30,000 sq ft of enterprise-grade facilities for colocating your IT equipment.

All of our hosting solutions are designed to help businesses grow, with 24/7/365 support and dedicated account management as standard. We’re exceptionally proud of the standard of service we give our clients. We believe it’s what really sets us apart from other providers.

We’re always first to the market with innovative products. Our RnD team developed the original load balancing technology, and we were the first to speed up the internet with web acceleration. While we’re not the market leader, we’re certainly in first place when it comes to focus and creativity.

Phone: 0800 458 4545