BEN Club (British Enterprise Network Club) is a network of private and public sector professionals across the UK. As an organisation we exist to increase trade potential to the UK by using a range of networking, seminars, events and trade delegations which bring people together in order to grow and further relationships and business.

BEN Club provides the means by which its members can promote their own and each others’ businesses for their mutual benefit; to provide business support for each other; to generate business referrals and create new commercial opportunities for each other; and to help each other to develop and grow their individual businesses.

BEN Club provides a variety of promotional opportunities for the benefit of its members, including networking, forums, presentations, exhibitions and other events at which members can meet or be recommended to potential new associates, suppliers, or customers/clients; plus structured external online and offline marketing activities for ongoing promotion of BEN Club member-businesses to the public and the regional business community.

BEN Club is open to reputable and professionally-run businesses whose owners/managers are aiming to develop and grow their business in the UK and beyond.

Membership applications are vetted by BEN Club, as we aim to maintain in high membership standards. BEN Club reserves the right to revoke membership.

Our mission is simple

BEN Club aims to facilitate relationships for businesses and organisations, empowering them to grow for the economic benefit of the region.

We have 5 key objectives:

1 | Become a hub for organisations providing knowledge through networking, training, seminars and conferences.

2 | Develop a strong membership base throughout Britain with local government, SME’s and Large Corporates to work as a consortium of enterprises for the benefit of the region.

3 | To be recognised as a highly credible and ethical business network across the UK.

4 | Provide our members with an annual programme of high-quality events, designed to promote strong business relationships.

5 | Continually aiming to raise the profile of Britain and that of our members within the business community across the UK and the wider area.

In order to achieve our goals, we will strive to:

• Encourage greater cooperation in the UK
• facilitate interest from external stakeholders for the economic benefit of the region
• Provide a portal for information on government initiatives
• Set up training programmes geared towards increasing skills and knowledge transfer
• Increase members contacts and relationships
• Provide a sounding platform for business ideas and enterprise initiatives
• Offer a business support network